what is the different on painting of different bristle mixture
Test Report of different bristle mixture filament in water-based Painting

  1.   Make the paint brush with the different proportion of bristle mixture filament
  2.   Put them in the Water-based paint for 3 minutes
  3.   Take out them until there is no paint drips and weight the paint brush
  4.   Paint on the Gypsum board until not smooth
  5.   Weight the paint brush again
The following are the details of paint brush we are making:
  • 70% bristle mixture 30% common filament
  • 50% bristle mixture 50% common filament
  • 30% bristle mixture 70% common filament
Step 1: Weight the Paint Brush

Step 2: Put them in the Water-based Paint for 3 minutes and take out until no paint drops

Step 3: Weight the brush separately

Step 4: Paint on the Gypsum board until not smooth

Step 5 Weight the brush head after painting

The following are the Painting holding and Release Chart Comparing

Summary (Painting)
From the test and date, we found 70% bristle mixture 30% filament and 50% bristle mixture 50% filament is almost same painting holding and release. 30% bristle mixture 70% filament of painting holding and release is a little less than 50% bristle mixture 50% filament.