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Why our raw material of PBT for brush filament is increased dramatically?

Why our raw material of PBT for brush filament is increased dramatically?

2020 is a special year, because of the epidemic, However 2021 is a complicated year. When we started to work after Chinese Spring Festival, the raw material of PBT, PET for brush filament is a sharply increased.

We contacted with our supplier why the price has increased so dramatically for following reasons:

1. Components of PBT: Shortage of Butylene Glycol

2. Butylene Glycol was produced in western of China, Due to environmental impact and equipment maintenance, the output of butanediol is limited

3. Chinas restrictions on plastics have increased the use of degradable plastics. Butylene glycol is one of the raw materials for degradable plastics.

4. As the price of oil increases, PBT is a subsidiary product of oil, and the price also increases at the same time

5. Petroleum plants in other countries have not yet fully resumed operations and their output is relatively low.

6. Due to the impact of the epidemic last year, butanediol producers lost money. They are now raising the unit price on the grounds of equipment maintenance and making profits to offset last years loss.

When will the price recovery to normal?

1. Accordingly to our supplier, it is very difficult to recovery back to 2020, However it will recovery to normal as 2019 around the Sep, 2021. This is the estimated time.

2. The supply-demand relationship is broken, and it takes a certain amount of time to recover, just like ocean freight

The following are the announcement of biggest of chemical factory all over the world

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