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How are nylon bristle made?

Generally, nylon bristle are made of PA66, PA610, PA612, So why customers prefer nylon bristle to make hair brush as following reasons:


1. Good toughness, can be stretched very well

2. Folding resistance, can be used repeatedly

3. Nylon has good high temperature resistance, high heat deformation and heat resistance temperature, heat deformation 160 degrees, melting point 220-230 degrees

4. Smooth surface , Small friction coefficient, wear resistance.

5. Good corrosion resistance, durable


So what is the disadvantage of nylon bristle:


1. Poor dimensional stability, thick and thin,

2. High temperature resistance can not reach particularly heat resistance

3. Not very anti-static


The following are the diameter for your reference:


0.2  0.25  0.3   0.5  0.6  0.7   0.8   1.1   1.2mm.


Color is customized.

Diameter is customized.